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Dix DoddHey, there Dear Reader, Walk right in, bounce Blow-Up Betty aside, and have a seat.

And let me tell you a story. I’ll tell you about my life. My crazy, crazy life as Marport City’s most awesome, sexy, 40ish private detective. Okay, strictly speaking, I’m a fictional private detective. (Speaking of which, N.L. Wilson could have given me better hips. But I digress…)

Yeah, you don’t exactly look like the usual sort that darkens the door of my dingy little office. Hmm, no over-the-top disguise, no screeching panic as you barge in. And you’re not bearing pizza or a bloody lead pipe.

My clientele is largely made up of people who suspect their significant others are cheating on them. Sadly, their suspicions almost always prove true, and my job is to deliver the evidence. And if busting a cheating boyfriend’s ass gives me more pleasure than it should, I guess you can chalk it up to my own experience with a faithless fiance. What was his name … oh, right. Now I remember: Jerkface.

Anyway, while busting cheaters is my main thing, I often find myself in the middle of other cases. Crazy cases. Dangerous cases. Cases with cheesecake, and diamonds and sex, and stuff I just can’t say in polite company. So stick around, and I’ll tell you all about it when that polite company leaves.


My cases are all chronicled in the Dix Dodd Mysteries by N.L. Wilson. Check these covers out:

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