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Have I got a story for you. And a contest too, with a kick-ass prize! (No, not cheesecake; I’m not parting with that.) And it involves some sleuthing on your part, Dear Reader.


I’ve managed to talk my scribes (also known as Norah and Heather) into recording another of my fantastic cases, which I’ve dubbed GONE IN A FLASH. Phew, so many great cases to choose from. Luckily Norah’s a fast, fantastic writer. I’m not really sure what Heather does…

Once again, I apply my top sleuthing skills, my mind-boggling intuition, and my awesome street smarts to solve a crime. This time, it’s at a local bar where a valuable souvenir baseball has gone missing. Of course Dylan and I find ourselves at this bar, smack dab in the middle of the trouble. The accusations are flying and it’s up to me and Dylan to save the innocent and nab the guilty. There’s an ex-con, new lovers, good old family tensions, a nut guy (oh God, don’t ask!) and more. Lady Gaga might even make an appearance. (Okay, she won’t, but SHOUT OUT TO LADY GAGA!)


Now for the treat part: Upon my brilliant suggestion, Norah and Heather have agreed to serialize this baby. They’re going to put it up right here on this site in installments (I’m thinking they’ll be twice-weekly, but I am at Norah and Heather’s mercy), and you’ll have an opportunity to solve the case. What’s at stake, besides bragging rights? I’ve instructed my scribes to procure an excellent prize. Some astute—and yes, lucky!—reader will snag a $100.00 AMAZON GIFT CARD. Nice, huh?
To enter the contest, read the regular installments here at this website (, and at some point before March 11, email me with your guess as to who dunnit. The gals will parcel out a little more story with each installment, revealing more clues or dropping red herrings. On March 12, a winner will be drawn randomly from among the correct guesses, after which the final installment (aka, the great reveal) will be posted. 

As for comments, I’m anticipating mayhem. Hee hee! Some of you might want the glory of declaring your guess openly in the comments, at the risk of helping others to the solution (but note that you still have to EMAIL me your guess, or it doesn’t count). Some of you more devious characters may prefer to try to misdirect the competition by positing a theory you believe is false. Or maybe you’ll just want to … well, comment, and keep your cards close to your chest.

NOTE: No stuffing the ballot box! Only one entry per person, to avoid someone casting multiple entries, declaring each character the villain so they can be sure to be right at least once. Multiple entries may result in disqualification. Alternatively, if Norah and Heather are feeling generous, they may sort entries and delete all but the most recent one, which will be deemed your final answer.

Sound like fun? Well, it was my idea…

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